FanPack is a subscription site where you receive unique gifts shipped straight to your door from your favorite athletes, artists and entertainers while supporting charitable causes. It works like a magazine subscription, except instead of just ink and paper, you get a box of real stuff from people you like.

We are all fans.

Keeping up with our favorite colleges, teams, artists, brands, etc has been part of our lives since childhood. Loyalty may shift over time, but there is something special about being a part of the story with our icons that is rewarding.

So I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if we could connect with our favorite people and brands beyond social media and watching them on stage or in a stadium while supporting causes doing good in the world? What if we could interact with our heroes in a more personal way and learn what and who they are fans of? They have their favorite brands, people and causes just like us. After all, they’re fans too.

This is why we created FanPack. We wanted to create a place where you receive a gift pack from your favorite contributors that’s hand-picked for you. In turn, charitable causes benefit and the contributors win by sharing with their fans in a cool way.

You Win. Charities Win. The Contributors Win.

Meet the Team:



Played pro golf until he ran out of talent and sponsors. Huge fan of Old Skools, left-to-right breaks and anything lime.


Has the suave of Luther Vandross in his left pinky. Huge fan of The Bambino, the Word and the I. IV. V. to a VI. minor.


Slings pixels by day and fights Gluten by night. Huge fan of the culinary arts, 12 bar blues and sans serif type.


Can ollie over your head and into your heart. Huge fan of FourBarrel, 6 irons over water and quality tattoos.


Unblanks space daily. Huge fan of the four four two, Van’s Originals and lifting heavy weight overhead.