Benny Gold

Benny Gold

Graphic Artist / Streetwear Designer

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What to expect in Benny's pack

First 100 subscribers to my FanPack gets a signed Glider Series Poster and DIY Glider Plane! Subscribing to my FanPack throughout the year, you'll be treated to items that I use in my everyday life at work and home. Some items are not only necessary, but also catch my eye for design and inspire me to create. Others are for pure enjoyment, relaxation and stimulation of the mind. Proceeds of my FanPack will be put into scholarship funds for my alma mater, Savannah College of Art and Design, to give others the opportunities that I had and cherish.

About Benny Gold

What started as a means to exercise his creative curiosity and graphic design skills, has turned into one of streetwear’s most prominent fashion houses. Based in San Francisco, Benny Gold infuses his products with a highly visual orientation and has collaborated with the likes of The Hundreds, JanSport, Nike and HUF on a series of high-profile partnerships.

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