How does FanPack Work
FanPack is a subscription site where you receive unique gifts shipped straight to your door from your favorite athletes, artists and entertainers while supporting charitable causes. Similar to a magazine subscription, you will be billed for your subscription upon signing up and every three months until you unsubscribe.
When will I get my first FanPack
Each contributor has a different shipping date, and depending on when you sign up, you may not receive your first package for 3 months. View your account profile (if you’ve already subscribed) for more information.
What kinds of things should I expect in my FanPack
Every FanPack is unique and specific to the contributors who curate it. You can expect physical and/or digital goods that are often original or exclusive. Your favorite artists, athletes and entertainers will share things with you that they’re a fan of and the stories behind them.
How do Charities get their money
Our mission is to have a positive impact in the world. Being able to help charities around the world is an essential part of this goal. That's why we work with contributors to donate at least 10% of FanPack proceeds to causes doing good around the world. Please note that we don't pay the charity directly. FanPack has developed a system that ensures the money you raise gets to charities safely and quickly. We work with the contributors to ensure charities receive a check every quarter.
Where is my FanPack
When you subscribe, we’ll send you a confirmation email, including the approximate date your first shipment will be sent. Subsequent mailings will arrive approximately every quarter. It’s important to note that each contributor has a different shipping date, and depending on when you sign up, you may not receive your first package for three months or more. Visit your account page to see when to expect your first package.
Why do you only ship every three months
We work with every contributor to carefully curate, source and assemble each FanPack. Our goal is to send you things that you will love and this takes time planning.
Will I be billed when I subscribe
Yes. Just like a magazine subscription.
How do I use my FanPack Rewards Credit
**Any credit on your account will automatically be applied to your next FanPack issue.

Currently, credit cannot be applied to gift cards, shipping charges, or sales tax. Our system will always require you to use a credit card to place an order to make sure that sales tax, and/or shipping are covered.

Currently, we cannot split credits between separate orders. All credit will be applied towards your next issue. If you have a credit balance remaining after your purchase, it will remain on your account and be used with your next purchase. If a credit is issued after a purchase is made, it cannot be applied to that or any other previous issues. It will be applied to a future issues.

Do I pay sales tax and shipping separately
If you are located in the continental United States or U.S. territories, your FanPack includes all associated shipping fees. Only Residents in NC pay sales tax. It will show up on the confirmation page of the checkout process.
Do you ship internationally
We do have international subscriptions, but there is an additional fee to send things across the pond. Here are the following rates:
  • $40 packs: Canada +$10; rest of world +$15
  • $60 mailings: Canada +$20; rest of world +$30
  • $80 mailings: Canada +$30; rest of world +$40
  • These rates directly reflect our costs. We make no profit on shipping.
  • Can I subscribe to more than one contributor
    Yes you can! And each FanPack will be billed and shipped separately. We’re always adding new contributors, so check out the contributors page to see who’s new or may be of interest.
    How do I change my subscription
    You can change your subscription easily by cancelling your current subscription. Then simply subscribe to the new one you wish to get.
    What if I move
    No worries! Just sign in to your account and update your address or modify your subscription by clicking manage.
    Can I submit someone as a contributor
    You can submit someone you feel would be a great curator by sending us a note at
    How do I cancel my subscription
    Go to your account and you’ll see a list of your current subscriptions. Click on the “manage” button, then the “unsubscribe” link. We’ll miss you. Please drop us a line at to let us how we can improve.
    What do I do if I need help with my account
    Please contact us at